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кратко / подробно
понедельник, 9 июля 2018 г.
Stone Ocean’s Ending for Retards... санкции бараку обаме 12:18:23
Stone Ocean’s Ending for Retards

Pucci’s goal is the Stand Made in Heaven. It has the ability to accelerate time for everything except living organisms. When time reaches its end, everyone and everything alive in the universe is carried over to a new universe, where they have all been gifted perfect foresight. They all know their own futures perfectly before they happen, and absolutely nothing they do can change the futures they see. Only Pucci is able to dictate his own fate. People who die during the acceleration in the old universe don’t get carried over to the new one, and other people in the new one sub in for them during important fated moments in their lives. Jolyne and Jotaro are erased here, but most importantly none of the characters from the first 5 Parts are dead, just very very confused. To make this world where people know the future permanent, Pucci must reach the point in time he initiated the Stand ability in the new world. Before this can happen, Emporio tricks Pucci into changing his fate for him since he can’t do it himself, and he kills Pucci. This cancels Made in Heaven’s effect, yet things don’t go quite back to normal. Jolyne’s (and thus Jotaro’s) souls exist in this third universe (Irene has the Joestar birthmark which Pucciverse ‘Jolyne’ didn’t) but due to unknown circumstances their memories are different. What exactly caused the changes are left open to interpretation, though a popular theory is that Pucci was erased instead of the people he killed so they led better lives in his absence. It is important to note though that the characters from prior Parts still exist in this universe, as we are shown not only Emporio but numerous ants being teleported from the Pucciverse to the Ireneverse, implying every other character was teleported as well. Essentially the ending retcons Part 6 itself and acts as the ending to the original series.

Дневник пользователя Соул О.о > Изюм (записи, возможно интересные автору дневника)

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